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    iRobot Roomba 612


    The New Roomba for Hard Floors and Carpets

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    Roomba 612 Cleans Hard Floors and Carpets

    The robot hoover is perfectly suitable for households with up to 60 m2. It cleans carpets as well as laminate, parquet, tiles or similar hard floors. Reliably, it removes dirt, dust, hair and other pollution.

    Please note:
    The iRobot Roomba 612 is not suitable for cleaning dark/black hard floors or carpets. They are recognizes as abysses and Roomba will not be able to clean them.


    Clean Edges and Corners

    With its rotating side brush the Roomba thoroughly cleans along edges and corners. Due to its minor construction it reaches also hardly reachable spots. Therefore the robot hoover is able to clean under beds, sofas or other low furniture.


    “Chaotic” Cleaning Pattern

    The Roomba 612 cleans in a (for human eyes) “chaotic” cleaning pattern. That means, it crisscross drives though the given area. Therefore, it repeatedly cleans any spot to reliably remove dirt, dust and hair.


    Convincing Easy Handling

    Like all Roomba models the 612 also scores with easy handling. At the push of a button it provides thoroughly cleaned floors – even along edges and corners. There are three buttons available on the top side of the iRobot:


    • CLEAN: for an automatic cleaning of the given floor
    • SPOT: provides a punctual cleaning of 1m x 1m area
    • DOCK: makes the robot vacuum return to its charging station


    iRobot with Modern Sensor-Technology

    Due to innovative sensors the operation of iRobot Roomba 612 is extremely safe. The so-called anti-drop sensors make it recognize abysses like stairs. Additionally, sensors (in the shape of a bumper) trap collision with obstacles like furniture. The Roomba 612 automatically adjusts its cleaning direction.


    Robot Hoover with Charging Station

    When the battery level of the iRobot Roomba is low, it automatically returns to its charging station. Roomba 612 charges its battery and is ready for the next cleaning cycle.


    The Lesson is Clear

    The iRobot Roomba 612 is the ideal robot hoover for:


    • Households with up to 60 m2
    • Carpets and Hard Floors (like parquet, laminate, tiles, …)
    • People, preferring easy handling and who don’t need further features like time programming or app control


    This iRobot Roomba is less suitable for:


    • Households with more than 60 m2 (insofar they cannot be split into smaller areas)
    • Cleaning black floors and carpets
    • Pet owners or allergy sufferers
    • People, which prefer to control the robot hoover via App or time programme

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    iRobot Roomba 612

    iRobot Roomba 612

    The New Roomba for Hard Floors and Carpets

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