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Cecotec Conga 3690 - robot vacuum and mop - with free 5-year guarantee



Conga 3690 - the perfect helper for everyday life

The robot vacuum and mop by Cecotec Conga leaves nothing to be desired: Its 4 in 1 cleaning system ensures that it sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs at the same time. 

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Suitable for almost every home

The Conga 3690 robot vacuum and mop can be used in almost any home. It takes care of various hard floors (e.g. parquet, laminate, tiles, etc.). It also provides great cleaning results on carpets. Thanks to many different adjustment options, we recommend the Conga for both the small and the large home.

Important note: This robot vacuum mop is not suitable for use on very dark or black floors. It recognises those as an abyss.

 Side brush ensures clean corners

A particularly long side brush is attached to the side of the robot vacuum and mop. With this side brush, the Conga also reaches into the corners. It also helps it to remove dust and dirt along edges.

 Staircases are detected at an early stage

Built-in sensors ensure that the Cecotec Conga detects when it is approaching a staircase or other abyss. If this is the case, it slows down and adjusts its direction of travel accordingly so that it does not fall.

 The 4 in 1 cleaning system of the robot vacuum and mop

The Conga 3690 is capable of performing four different tasks in a single cleaning operation: It sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs your floors - all at the same time. This cleaning system provides a more than convincing cleaning result. You'll be thrilled!

 Conga 3690 - smart, thorough and powerful

 Comfortable control with your smartphone

You can operate the Cecotec Conga easily and comfortably via your smartphone, because it is equipped with an app. In this app there are countless functions available which make the use of the robot vacuum mop even more comfortable: save a schedule, view cleaning cards and much more. 

 Zone cleaning possible with this robot vacuum and mop

The cleaning maps created by the robot are stored in the app. You have access to them at any time and can divide the map into zones if desired. Afterwards you decide which zone the Conga should clean and when (up to 50 cleaning plans possible). A total of up to 5 maps can be saved. Via app it is also possible to create virtual barriers. These represent an invisible barrier for the Conga 3690, which it does not exceed. 

 Control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The Cecotec Conga has a connection to the voice services Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This means that you can control and operate the robot vacuum mop via simple voice commands. It's never been that easy!

 Accurate laser navigation ensures comprehensive cleaning

On top of the robot vacuum mop is an iTech Laser 360, which scans and maps your home so the Conga 3690 can find its way around without help. For this reason, the robot can select the most efficient and intelligent cleaning route. Once the battery is low, the robot returns to the charging station and recharges itself. It then continues cleaning where it left off.

 More than a modern wiping function

The mopping function of the Conga is clearly superior to many competitors: During cleaning, the robot makes a swaying movement, with which it imitates the human cleaning movement. In addition, you have full control over the amount of water the robot vacuum mop uses for cleaning, because there are three different water intensity levels: high, medium, low. So, you can adjust the cleaning optimally to your floors. 

 A robot vacuum and mop for pet owners

The Cecotec Conga uses a silicone brush to remove dust, dirt and hair from the floors. With the help of this brush and the 2,700 Pa suction power, it also reliably absorbs dog and cat hair. For this reason, we recommend the Conga 3690 specially to pet owners.


 We recommend the Conga 3690 especially for:

  • Small and big homes
  • Various hard floors and carpets
  • Integration into Smart Home (app control and compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)
  • Apartments/houses with many rooms (zone cleaning)
  • Pet owners (also sucks in dog and cat hair)



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