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ILIFE Beetles V40 vacuum robot


The ILIFE V4 is the cheapest ILIFE vacuum cleaner robot . He succeeds the ILIFE V3 and replaces it. The V4 is very simple and has only the most necessary functions. He is a high quality entry-level model for a very reasonable price.

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What makes the V4 special:

  • He has a direct suction or a suction slot.
  • Perfect for animal hair
  • He has few technical Schnick Schnack, which must be paid and broken
  • High quality and large lithium ion battery with 2.600 mAh
  • Easy to use, as the ILIFE V4 can be started with just one touch

Suitable for pet owners and animal hair

The ILIFE V4 is perfect for people with pets. The suction slot sucks all animal hair, without them catching.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Thanks to its fine dust filter, the ILIFE V4 is perfect for allergy sufferers. It filters its exhaust air and makes it largely free of dust and pollen.

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