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Bosch Indego 350 Connect lawnmower robot



Bosch Indego 350 robot lawn mower leaves nothing to chance. With App for mobile devices

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With its intelligent navigation system “Logicut” the robot mower mows twice as fast compared to other robotic lawn mowers that operate randomly. Lane by lane it cuts the grass reliably. Because of its “auto calendar” function it is able to adjust the mowing frequency optimally to your lawn size. The Indego is suitable for lawns up to 350 m² and manages gradients up to ±27 %.


Bosch Indego 350: The robot lawn mower with the intelligent navigation system “Logicut”

The robotic lawn mower mows your lawn quickly and efficiently because of its intelligent navigation system “Logicut”. For an optimal result it cuts the grass lane by lane. Special tyres ensure safe grip and treat the grass with care.


Thanks to the “auto calendar”-function the robot mower knows when to mow

After the mapping of the lawn section Bosch Indego 350 calculates the optimum mowing frequency independently. Thus it is able to adjust the care for your garden exactly to your needs and follows the weekly schedule automatically. When battery is low, it returns to the charging dock to recharge.


Simply control your robot lawn mower with the operation display

If needed, you can set up an individual weekly schedule. Your Indego helps to optimize the plan. With a user-friendly operation display the set-up is easy.


Easy cutting height adjustment

The robotic lawn mower cuts the grass precisely with sharp blades. The cutting height can easily be adjusted with a button (30/40/50mm). It cuts the grass blades to fine pieces. They fall down where they are slowly decomposed and fertilize your lawn in a natural way.


Easy installation and placement of the charging dock

Bosch Indego 350 is installed quickly. Clear symbols support an optimal placement of the station. Wires can be stored in cable channels. Labels on the boundary wire show the optimal distance for the fixing elements. The installation guide video shows how to set up your robot mower.


Several sensors for maximum security

The robot lawn mower is equipped with several sensors for a safe operation. High sensitive tactile sensors and a rubber buffer prevent from hitting obstacles. With a manual stop button the Indego is switched off quickly.

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