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Roomba 691 Vaccum robot



The cheap Roomba 691 is the perfect robot hoover for floors with up to 80 m2.

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It cleans carpets and hard floors (like parquet, tiles, etc.) with its patented cleaning system. The iRobot Roomba 691 is the first robot vacuum of Roomba 600 series that is controlled via App with Smartphone or Tablet. iRobot Roomba 690/691 takes care of clean floors at the push of a button – vacuum cleaning has never been easier!

Efficient Floor Cleaning

Spotless & Thorough Removal of Dirt

Due to the so-called iAdapt® Navigation the iRobot Roomba 691cleans any spot of your floors. For human eyes this system looks like a “random” pattern but it is what enables the robot hoover to clean each area up to four times, removing all dust and dirt. 

Clean Hard Floors and Carpets

Roomba 691 is recommended for floors with up to 80 m2. It cleans laminate, parquet, tiles, carpets and other hard floors. 

Edge and Corner Cleaning

iRobot Roomba 691 is equipped with a long side brush. With this side brush it removes dust and other pollution along edges and corners. That’s how it provides cleans borders and corners. 

Cleaning under Furniture

The height of iRobot Roomba 690/691 is only 9,3 cm. Therefore, it perfectly fits under low furniture. The robot hoover cleans under your bed or sofa. These are areas that are hardly reachable with a normal vacuum cleaner.

Overcoming Doorsteps

iRobot Roomba 691overcomes doorsteps and carpets with a height of up to 2 cm. That ensures a cleaning process without problems.

Modern Sensors for a Safe Operation 

Stairs Are Recognized

With anti-drop sensors the Roomba 691 recognizes stairs and other abysses. It adjusts its cleaning direction in time to continue its task. 

Soft Collision with Obstacles

Roomba 691 recognizes obstacles with its bumper. As soon as it meets furniture or the like it changes its direction.

How to control the iRobot Roomba 691

iRobot App for Android and iOS

iRobot 691 is the fist robot hoover of the Roomba 600 series that is controlled via App. iRobot HOME App can be downloaded in App Store and Play Store free of charge. Thorough the App you can start, stop, control and monitor the robot hoover.


Roomba 691 scores with a useful scheduling function. There can be set one starting time each weekday, making the robot hoover start automatically at the pre-programmed time.

Please note: scheduling can only be operated with the iRobot HOME App. 

Automatic Recharging

When battery is low or the cleaning process has been completed, the robot vacuum automatically returns to its charging station. After charging it is ready for the next cleaning process. 

Limiting Areas with Dual Mode Virtual Wall

There is a Dual Mode Virtual Wall included in the scope of delivery of iRobot Roomba 691. This accessory offers two functions: 

  1. Invisible barrier to separate some parts from the cleaning area
  2. Protection zone for areas that shall not be cleaned; e.g. to separate the area of your pets feeding dishes

iRobot Roomba 690/691 Review

Roomba 690/691 is the perfect robot hoover, if: 

  • Your household is up to 80 m2
  • You want it to be controlled via Smartphone or Tablet
  • There are doorsteps with up to 2 cm in your home
  • You want to benefit from scheduling 

iRobot Roomba 691 is less suitable, if:

  • Your household is bigger than 80 m2 (and cannot be separated)
  • You own cats or dogs (here you can find robot hoovers for pet owners)
  • There is no need of an App control
  • You prefer to start the robot hoover manually (there are models without schedulingavailable in our online shop)

iRobot Roomba 690/691 – two Model Numbers for one Device

The two models Roomba 690 and Roomba 691 are identical. They only differ in the way of disposal (online vs. offline). At myRobotcenter you can buy iRobot 691. There are no further differences. 

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