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Wonlex Children Smart Watch Q90 (GW100) blue



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AgeSchoolboy (7-12)
Display screen typeSensor
OptionsSmartphone App

Kids 'Smart' watch with phone function (SMARTWatch) and built-in GPS tracker Q80.

The new generation of children's hours SMARTWatch with a color screen, built-in GPS tracker, giving you the ability to know exactly where your child is.

All information about your child you'll receive on your mobile phone (for OSAndroid, or IOS), even if they are thousands of kilometers away. And with the built-in microphone hours, you can also at any time anonymously listen to what is happening around your child.

Main functions:

Determining the location of your child with map of your smartphone - GPS tracker: the accuracy of the street up to 10m (availability of certain GPS satellites, and also for mobile stations LBS).

View the history of all movements on the map.

Function electronic fence - you can on your phone card to set the limits beyond which the child can not leave (the area of ​​your yard, the route to school, etc.). When crossing these boundaries child, you come to the phone notification.

These children watch Q60 (SmartWatch) is a function of your phone, you can call on the clock, the child can call you or another 10 rooms (grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, nurse, etc.) that you enter in the telephone base book data clock.

Wiretapping - you can own, anonymously listen to all in the child's environment.

Function SOS- child in emergency situations can press SOSna SMARTchasah, then the clock will start on the line to dial in a row all shown in the directory phone numbers as you come down on the SMS button SOS notification.

Alarm - Notification: You can set up additional. functions, such as low battery, you notice comes.

Voice messages - you can straighten / receive voice messages, for example, at the time when the child is at school, he can listen to at any time (not to call during the lesson)

Shagometr - this feature borrowed from Fitness bracelets, and allows you to count the number of steps proydёnnyh.

Counting bedtime.

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