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Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum Cleaner




The Ultimate Navigating Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

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Features a Wi-Fi enabled robot that lets you control your Neato robot from wherever you are. The Neato app makes everything easier- set a schedule, set your robot to clean from wherever you are, clean your whole house, or choose spot clean (and even choose to cover the area twice for extra cleaning), stop or pause the robot, and get instant notification about the status of your vacuuming run. Includes both the combo brush and spiral blade brush. Two cleaning modes - Eco mode for a quieter, longer cleaning run, Turbo mode for a super powered cleaning with maximum pickup. Also includes the new ultra performance filter which is easy to pop out and includes extra filter screen making it easier to clean. Our most powerful robot yet. Neato app works with iOS and Android devices. See specifications for more details.

Product Dimensions
 MetricU.S. Standard
Length32.1 cm12.7 in
Width33.5 cm13.2 in
Height10 cm3.9 in
Weight4.1 kg9 lbs
BatteryHigh Capacity Lithium-ion
Charger Voltage110V, 220V

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