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Wave Full Cover Glass, Motorola Edge 20/20 Pro 5G, black

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Tempered glass protective glass protects your phone's display very efficiently without compromising on the user experience. Compared to plastic protective films, the goggle has an unmatched feel, without compromising on its effectiveness. The rounded edges feel comfortable in the fingers and the special coating on the glass protects against fingerprints. The surface of the glass foil is durable and does not easily scratch. The glass film also protects the screen of the phone from minor shocks and hits. The glass film has a strength rating of 9H.

The screen of the phone is slightly curved on the sides, so the glass foil has had to be curved and therefore the edges of the glass have black frames that fit into the shape of the phone. The rigidity of the glass cover makes installation very easy and no air bubbles are left between the cover and the screen. Before installation, be sure to thoroughly clean the display with the supplied accessories. Then place the glass film in the correct position, release it and the glass film will automatically be absorbed onto the screen. Of course, if you wish, the glass film can be removed and leaves no trace on the screen.

The sales package includes:

  • 1 piece Glass film
  • 2 pcs Cleaning Cloth (wet and dry)
  • 1 piece Dust Removal Label

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