Mechanical gaming keyboard Motospeed CK101

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Mechanical gaming keyboard Motospeed CK101

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Motospeed CK101 gaming keyboard

The Motospeed CK101 is a gaming keyboard with RGB backlighting that meets every gamer's needs. Thanks to the blue switches it is suitable both for gaming and work, and with the N-key rollover, you can press as many keys as you want at the same time and be sure that your movements will be registered. It's compact and ergonomic, so you can take it with you wherever you go and enjoy hours of comfortable gaming.

Gaming character

Customizable RGB backlighting gives the device a unique gaming character. You can easily customize its appearance according to your preferences by selecting from the 14 available backlight modes. Thanks to that, the CK101 can be the highlight of any gamer's desk.

Solutions that will make your gaming experience easier

Mechanical keys of the keyboard provide incredibly fast response time and extremely comfortable gameplay - you will immediately respond to the movement of your opponents. Moreover, the possibility of locking the WIN button will prevent you from accidentally interrupting the game. N-key rollover ensures that every keystroke is accurately registered, so you can break new records with ease.

Even easier to use

The keyboard's multimedia Fn keys make it even easier to use your computer. You can adjust playback volume, switch songs, check your email or access the Internet quickly and conveniently. Whether you're gaming or working, the CK101 will save you time!

Handy and ergonomic

The keyboard is lightweight, compact and handy. It also comes with a detachable cable, so you can easily and safely transport it when you need to. It also features an elegant yet ergonomic design that won't put a strain on your wrists or tire your hands, keeping you comfortable for long hours of gaming or working.

Product parameters

Brand Motospeed
Model CK101
Key life 50,000,000 times
Working voltage + 5V ± 5%
Maximum current used 500mA
Weight 840g ± 20g
Dimensions 429 x 141 x 36 mm
Switch types Mechanical switches - OUTEMU Blue
Other anti-ghosting function, WIN lock, N-Key rollover, customizable light modes, 14 backlight modes, 12 function keys

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