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PRODAC ALGAE WAFERS vegetable plate for fish 1200ml 550g

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ALGAE WAFERS s compound feed for potted herbivorous fish. Ingredients: fish and fish products, soy, flakes, grains, crustaceans, vegetables, algae 2.5%. EEC dyes. Analytical constituents: crude protein 45.1%, crude fat 6.91%, crude fiber 4.73%, crude ash 9.90%, Omega-6 20.62%, Omega-3 10.09%, moisture 6.17%. Nutritional supplements in 1 kg: vit.A 38.500TV, vit.D3 2.600TV, vit.C 1.480mg, vit.E 329mg. Usage: 2-3 tbl. each day according to the amount of fish in the aquarium. Store in a cool, cool place.

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