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Darkglass Microtubes X bass distortion

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From fuzz to light overdrive distortion and subtle metal distortion - the Microtubes X bass distortion will bend to your will! With this precisely configurable distortion pedal, you can keep your bass frequencies clean and warm, distorting only the desired frequency range.

The High and Low Pass Frequency controls determine the frequency range in which the frequencies are driven through the distortion. The Low Pass adjustment range is 50-500 Hz, so it is possible to save the low frequencies from distortion, and thus keep the bass frequency sound tight and distinctive. The Mix adjustment determines the ratio between the high and low pass sides, and the Mids adjustment allows you to add + -12dB to the mid-range frequencies if desired.

The Microtubes X pedal can only be operated with a power supply (regulated 9VDC power supply, negative terminal in the middle).


  • Bass distortion
  • High and Low Pass Frequency adjustments to specify the range to be distorted
  • Mix adjustment to set the ratio between frequency bands
  • Mids adjustment (- + 12dB in 500 Hz range)
  • Dimensions: 111 x 64 x 43 mm
  • Does not include power supply

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