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LEGO Ninjago 71761 Zane's Power Up Mech EVO

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This detailed robot with adjustable position can be improved by children, making it even bigger and stronger, and it is armed with a cool sword and shuriken.

Excitement and prizes for children guaranteed
This ninja building kit features 2 minifigures: Zane and the Stomach Warrior Coban Mechanic, with which children can play engaging stories in NINJAGO. As an innovation from January 2022, children will be rewarded with a collectible flag if they defeat ninja enemies and fulfill their mission.

Building kits that inspire the creativity of ninja fans
NINJAGO toys lure children away from screens into a fascinating fantasy world. Here they can join forces with their brave ninja heroes to fight the forces of evil, using a wide range of building kits that include robots, dragons and temples.

Adjustable Gaming Robot - Enable countless hours of ninja battles with this LEGO® NINJAGO® Zane Amplification Robot EVO (71761)
2 minifigures - This ninja set features Zane, a sword and armor to change her look, as well as a Cobar Mechanic armed with a shotgun
Ninja Battles - This robot has adjustable legs, a large shuriken, and a cockpit where kids can put Zane in battle with a stomach warrior.
Collectible Flag - As an innovation from January 2022, children will receive a prize for hoisting the Cavalry Flag from a mast to a robot as they complete their mission and win a stomach.
More prizes - See flags in 7 other NINJAGO® kits, including Jay's Dragon Dragon EVO (71760), Pier Light Dragon EVO (71762) and Lloyd's Racing EVO (71763)
Build fast and play - Kids from the age of 6 can experience adventures in NINJAGO® with this 95-piece ninja kit
Exposed model - A toy robot over 12 cm long is perfect for viewing in a children's bedroom
Fantasy flies - LEGO® NINJAGO® toys lure children away from screens and allow them to escape into a mysterious world where they face the forces of evil
High quality - LEGO® bricks have been made for more than six decades so that they are always easy to separate
Always in safe hands - LEGO® building blocks meet strict global safety standards

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