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Lenovo Legion S600 Gaming Station - charging station for H600 headphones




Charging station for Legion H600 wireless headphones. The stand also supports Qi charging technology for phones, for example. Two USB-A connections and a separate 45 W AC adapter.

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Shipping 03.12.21

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The Legion S600 Gaming Station is a handy charging station and stand for wireless. Forget about connecting the charging cables - hang the headphones on the stand after use and you can use the headphones at full charge until the next game. In addition to the charging feature of the headphones, the stand of the S600 charging station has a charging cradle that supports wireless Qi charging technology (10 W), on which you can place any device that supports Qi technology for charging.

The stand also includes two USB-A connectors that you can use, for example, for a wireless headphone receiver. The stand comes with a 45 watt AC adapter, so charging always works.

Dimensions 114 x 192 x 297, weight 919 g.

Stand only, no headphones included.

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