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Starboard Generation Lite Tech 12'6 "'x28" SUP board

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Generation is the best of three racing worlds: waves, racing and hiking. It is designed to be easy for rowers of all sizes and skills.

Generation is designed to bring a predictable and controlled glide. The board accelerates quickly and floats swing excellently. The design of the stern encourages rapid buoy and wave turns, while the shape of the bow prevents the bow from diving, and gives the board a lift on the surface of the water, making it accelerate faster.

The triple boards on the board increase glide and controllability in turns, and the lowered deck brings the rower’s focus closer to the water surface and thus brings more control to the kayak. If you want to make quick translations you can also leave the side edges uninstalled.

The Lite Tech construction is a good combination of lightness and durability. The top and sides of the board have reinforcement against bumps and the standing area is reinforced with thin wood veneer.

Board features:

  • Length: 381 cm (12'6 ")
  • Capacity: 249 liters
  • Width: 71.1 cm (28 ″)
  • Weight: 13.1 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 140 kg
  • Recommended weight of the paddler: 40-100 kg
  • Fins: Thruster, large medium and two smaller 5.5 "sides

Remember to also get a runaway strap and a paddle. If necessary, use a floating aid such as a kayak vest.

Starboard is a water sports brand founded in 1994 with the goal of bringing innovation, quality and inspiration to water and wind exercise. Together with enthusiasts and partners, Starboard wants to produce the best products in the world and for the best in the world.

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