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Mamibot Robot Vacuum Cleaner EXVAC880S (white)




Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mamibot EXVAC880S (white)

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- LDS 4.0 laser navigation
- Two side brushes
- 2-in-1 mopping and sweeping function
- Slim design - 9.8 cm high
- High suction power up to 2800 Pa
- WeBack application in Polish
- Remote control

Laser navigation
Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot is equipped with a quad-core R16 + DDR A7 chip combined with SLAM algorithm powered by LDS 4.0 laser navigation.

Intelligent cleaning
With a scanning frequency of 312 x 360°/min, the Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot will quickly create a map of your apartment/house. Laser
Laser scans rooms faster and more accurately than gyroscopic technology, so cleaning is smarter, better planned and less chaotic.

- Possibility of defining the area that the robot is to clean (e.g. one room),
- Possibility of dividing the home into zones that the robot will clean in turn,
- Possibility of sending the robot to a specific place that needs cleaning,
- Possibility of setting up a virtual wall, so that the robot does not clean a certain part of the flat,
- Possibility of designating a forbidden area (e.g. carpet or other place that is not to be cleaned).

Application in Polish language WeBack
The application language works with your mobile phone. This means that after selecting the region and language, the application will work in Polish.

Schedule and control your Mamibot EXVAC880S when you are away from home with the mobile app
When you are away from home, thanks to the application you can plan, zone and adjust the suction power of the robot. There are also commands such as: pause / restart / recharge the robot. Cleaning your home has never been so convenient.

High suction power 2800 Pa
The Mamibot EXVAC880S can easily handle vacuuming hair, pet food, dust and even metal balls. It has three levels of vacuuming power 1000 Pa / 2000 Pa / 2800 Pa operated by a 23000 rpm motor to meet different requirements.

Large 370 ml water tank, 3 dosage levels
The water dosage is electronically controlled by a chip, mops an area of 150-200 m² with one refill of the container. Automatic water dosing starts when the container is full.

Modern dual-function robot: vacuuming and mopping with simultaneous sweeping
This means that the Mamibot EXVAC880S can not only vacuum efficiently, but also mop the floor. For a better result, the cleaning robot additionally sweeps up the fine dirt while mopping. It does two tiresome household chores while you rest!

Resume Cleaning
When the Mamibot EXVAC880S Cleaning Robot is manually moved to another location or starts charging the battery, it will return to the spot left to clean the unfinished area.

Slim 9.8 cm design. Reach further, clean more!
The Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot is lower than most LDS laser robots. With a height of 9.8 cm, it will easily drive freely under a cabinet, dresser or bed. Thanks to its slim design, it can clean areas that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Covering obstacles up to 2 cm
The Mamibot EXVAC880S easily drives over carpets and thresholds when the height of the obstacle is less than 2 cm.

Stylish design
The Mamibot EXVAC880S cleaning robot looks inconspicuous but works hard.

Voice Control
The Mamibot EXVAC880S works with Amazon Alexa / Google Home.

Remote control
This feature is particularly useful for people who don't use smartphones, the elderly or those who don't want to share their data with an app provider.


Built-in display N
Remotely operated Y
Smartphone remote support Y
Shape Round
Product colour White
Dust container type Bagless


Stairs detection Y
Automatic base station return Y
Floor surfaces supported Carpet, Hard floor, Parquet, Laminate, Linoleum, Tiles, Wood
Threshold climbing (max) 2 cm
Integrated sensors Drop sensor, Non-contact distance sensor
Navigation type Mapping
HEPA filtration system Y
Air filtration stages quantity 3
Dust capacity (vacuum cleaner) 0.6 L
Noise level 55 dB
Brush type Roller brush & Side brush
Wet mopping Y
Dirt separating method Filtering
Base station functions Charging
Silent mode Y
Programming function Y
Works with the Google Assistant Y
Works with Amazon Alexa Y
SMART technology Y
Obstacle detection Y
Easy to clean Y
Edge recognition Y
Water tank capacity 0.37 L
Dust capacity (total) 0.6 L


Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Battery voltage 14.8 V
Charging time 3 h
Battery life 200 m²
Rechargeable Y
Runtime 110 min

Weight & dimensions

Diameter 33 cm
Height 98 mm
Weight 3 kg

Technical details

Built-in sensors details Height sensor, Obstacle detection sensor
Dust capacity 0.6 L
Packaging content Pilot, Mopping cloths x 2, Side brush set x 2, Hepa filter, Vacuum and mop containers x 2, Cleaning brush, User Manual, Charging station
Special features Suction power: 1000-2800 Pa,, Speed: 23000 RPM
Cleaning brush Y
Filter type HEPA
Mop included Y


Rechargeable battery Y

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